Before I start marketing to sell your business,  I will need you to provide me some documents. This will assist me to provide an information package present to qualified purchasers. Your co-operation will be needed to provide the following 6 Mandatory documents.

1) Legal Ownership: Legal Owner's Name, Certificate Of Incumbency or Article of Corporation by-laws

   setting out officers duly authorized to sign on behalf of the corporation.

2) Financial Statements: Complete Year End Statements with monthly interim statements and also monthly  year-to-date total sales.

If you do not have any financial statements available, you would need to complete a Sale of Business. 

   Affidavit on OREA standard form.

   This form requires a declaration under oath concerning:


 . Who is the owner of the business.

 . Whether the business premises are leased or owned.

 . What portion of the business premise, if any, is sublet.

 . Liabilities, if any.

 . If there are, or are not, books of accountant for the business and an explanation

   of why the financial statements are not being delivered to the buyer.

3) Chattels and Equipment: A list of chattels, equipments and other asset relating to or connected with the

   business that is owned or rental i the trade. (with any copy of lease agreements or loan) All items should

   include a quantity,condition,name of the brand, model number and serial number.

4) Restaurant Lease: A complete copy of the lease term and any amendments.

5) Liquor Licenses: A photocopies of the liquor licenses permit.

6) HST registration numbers.


Other miscellaneous information that can assist me in marketing your business etc;

Hydro, Gas, Water, Phone, Internet, Business Insurance, Alarm, Garbage,Linens and Pest Control Bill or Contract.

Employee hourly Wages or Salaries, Floor, Mechancial, Electrical Plans if available.

Specialty Menus, Photos, or any Review from Magazine and Newspaper.


          I will work my best for all my clients to get the business sold fast with the highest asking price.